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30AD Media Inc.
Branding and Collateral Design

Project Description

30AD Media, Inc.

Project Scope

Book Design

Book Announcement & Mini PR Package for Social Influencers


Return Mailing Labels

Card Case and Promotional Cards

Book Signing Invitation Postcards

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Project Brief

A start-up publishing company, 30AD Media Inc., needed to create buzz for its first book, The V Society: The True Story of Rebel Virgin-Girls, a memoir targeted at a niche, young adult market.

The Challenge

The V Society needed a rock solid marketing strategy to attract the attention and endorsements of social influencers prior to its release. How could we create strong branding so the book and its promotional materials were visually appealing and how would we connect this new author with its female, teen-aged target market?

Our Approach

We created buzz through a focused direct mail and social media campaign targeting influencers and teen girls. These efforts in conjunction with the book’s web site garnered national attention for The V Society. Positive reviews poured into the book’s web site and The V Society earned endorsements from several high profile figures and was featured in national and regional publications.

Book Design & Return Mailing Labels


Book Announcement & Mini-PR Package

A Golden Invitation

This package was sent along with an advance reading copy of the book to reviewers and social influencers. Inside the shimmering gold mailer, there is a personal letter from the author that when folded shows the signature “V” peaking out from the mailer pocket. The book’s promotional card (in business card format) sits at the top of the mailer. It is easily popped out and shared.

A Card for Every Occasion

Pocket Cards & Postcards

We designed a card holder case and pocket-sized cards (the same size as standard business cards) to point teens to the website, where they could find out more about The V Society, join the social community and order copies of the book. We also created postcard invitations for the author’s book signing parties at different venues.